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The Hout Compagnie also constructs stables and outdoor stays using the same robust concept. The implementation can be sober or stylish with a rustic rural feel. Stables are constructed wholly at the desires of the client and future inhabitants. Everything is designed in detail by the architect, drawn and construction-calculated. Designs are wholly implemented in wood with pin-hole connection and bolt anchored. Wood as material is characterized by its high isolation value, relative light weight, flexibility and its own rustic character.

Constructions are based on timber house designs and are thus calculated and built.
Wall designs can be implemented at wish with 0.60mm rebate parts, Beverly-siding or with tuck-in rebate. Straight or frame design. Sharable horse doors. Implemented at wish with bars completely horse shoe sized.
The roof can withstand high (snow) pressure and the entire building is built to with stand extreme winds and storms. Very solid and extremely sturdy.
Roofs in horse seat shape, interrupted shape, with broad stretching shed.
Clients may also opt for large spacious additions for storage.Roofing can be implemented at wish by plates, pans, straw, grass, and more.

Option to have stables constructed by professional crew or self-construction.
Parts are factory produced, come with detailed building plan and are delivered on site. Site is preconditioned by concrete floor and prepared for construction. Clients can also opt to fundament the site-ground, then with the stables using a natural floor. Construction in the latter case is a question of careful montage and ready within days.
As stated it is possible to receive a self-construction package. Clients then receive a detailed build plan, wit hall parts numbered and clear and easy to understand drawings.

Contact us and we can inform you of the possibilities!