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5711 CJ Someren
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Made durable:
Firstly dried in automatically driven drying chambers. With creosote oil in a vacuum environment under high pressure and high temperatures. Durability class 1 (over 25 years). EU approved and certified.

Maintenance free:
Endured wood and hard wood need no maintenance. After time both wood works color gray and they attain a beautiful natural color (with hard wood coloring before endured wood). Clients can freshen up the ‘wooden’ brown color by painting fencing with an oil based product. Additional advantage is that horses stay away from creosote-processed wood and will not bite or scrape it. With hard wood fencings we always advise to use (discrete) power wires. Hout Compagnie can supply you wit hall your power wire needs and you can even opt to have them installed for you.

Wood is our only renewable resource (with proper foresting also durably produced). Wood is strong and light weight, a high natural stiffness and it has resilience. As waste product the energy retained in wood can be reused for power generation.

A wooden fencing supported by beams is safe and is powerfully integrated into the entire construction. All beams are screwed into poles by rust-free material and corners come with round finish. An excellent finish and eye for detail are crucial to the Hout Compagnie.
A wooden fencing is a sight for the eyes and stays in its original shape for years: fixed, straight and safe. It fits the landscape.